About Sinsation® Cosmetics

I was sick of it.

I was sick of lipstick staining, smudging and coming off.

I was sick of my face breaking out because the skin care products didn’t work together.

I was sick of my foundation looking patchy when it didn’t like my moisturizer.

I’ve had it with my eyebrows coming off, especially that one time when I had to draw them on after an unfortunate waxing incident.


I had to make my own.

I did.

I called it Sinsation® Cosmetics. Through centuries, not everyone was allowed to wear makeup. It was taboo.  It was a "sin."

It shouldn’t be a sin to want to look and feel great. It’s amazing.

I use what I make. After all, I made it for me. I don’t have to touch up my lips, ever. I don’t sweat off my eyebrows and my face is happy with all the nutrients I give it.

I feel good.

However you’re feeling today, I got you.

From flirty to f me and everything in between.

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